What Happens When We Allow

What Happens When We Allow

The other day I was listening to something by Wayne Dyer about finding life’s purpose. He mentioned that when we wake up at 2 or 3 in the morning to get up and meditate or write etc… he says it can help a person find his or her purpose.

Now for starters, I typically wake up and write in my journal first thing in the morning anyway. Usually, these writings include my dreams and anything I am holding on to, but this morning I decided to do something different. I took the advice of Wayne and asked spirit to speak through me.

What transpired surprised me a great deal. I received and channeled a message from Archangel Gabriel. I was encouraged to live my passion, I was told that I am loved and I was told that my health is okay… that everything is okay. I was given other messages relating to my purpose as well as reassurance around some other things that have been on my mind. I was also encouraged to call upon her (angels are androgynous…this energy felt more masculine to me, but apparently Gabriel is suggested to be a woman) for help.

At the end of the channeling I put my journal down and decided to research her as I truly know nothing about her.

What I found shocked me.

She is the angel for writers (a part of what she said is my purpose).

She is also connected to the sacral chakra (the area in which I am healing).

And she helps with communication and living your passion.


Um, what? Ha!

So here we go, I share this not because I am trying to appear all knowing, but so that you understand how EASY it is to connect with your guides.

The trick is to set your ego aside… no matter what the message… even if it sounds completely crazy or “dumb” or unbelievable. Your ego has no room in this … trust me when I say that.

I encourage everyone to keep morning pages. Wake up, and write 3 pages without thinking or stopping or editing and just let the words flow. And if you are wanting to connect with spirit… allow …allow what is written to just be what it is. Without judgment… without criticism…. just allow.

You will be surprised at what you can discover.

Thank you for being a part of the global shift in consciousness with me…and for being a part of my healing.


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