Wings to Roots

This site has been re-vamped a bit... In true goddess fashion I seem to take great pleasure of building something then completely obliterating it in order to start over! Ha!

This space is where I’ll be sharing some of my thoughts via written words or video. I love being creative so I suppose we will see what the energy brings.

So without further ado, I introduce the Wings to Roots blog… or vlog… or whatever else it may become. :) So you might be asking yourself, what’s with the name? And to that I say, what an excellent question mon frere… or sister …

Let’s just say I have had quite a journey of discovering my roots. It seems that some people are born with them fully in tact, while some of us have a different journey which requires some deep digging in order to find them. I feel like I was born with wings so-to-speak, as for a long time it felt as though my feet were not connected to the Earth.

Without going into too much about the events that led up to my healing, I will say that I have never felt more rooted to the Earth and yet more grounded in divinity than I currently do. Though my healing journey is FAR from over, I understand that I seek to know the higher realms while navigating this thing called life. I seek to touch upon the wings AND the roots of our existence in order to merge the two worlds together.

Please join me as I talk about psychology, human development, spiritual stuff and yoga with smatterings of poems about love or other creative musings that spring forth.

Thank you for finding me here and thanks for being a part of this shift in consciousness~

Together we heal.


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