“This is Hawk from Horvath Spiritual Consulting and After Hours Paranormal Investigations. I have the amazing privilege of working alongside some truly gifted practitioners at A Beautiful Soul! I've decided to hop on here in the coming days and share a little of my experiences with them as they have worked on me! I'd like to begin with my most recent experience which was with Natalie, TONIGHT! Oh my gosh, she helped me do some clearing out of old energy, not only from my present, but from my entire life, and my many lifetimes back through the ages! She is gentle, kind and knowledgeable. She asked pertinent questions and blessed me more than she can ever know. I walked out of there feeling so much lighter! More on this after I've had some time to process it all! Thank You and Bless You Natalie Sophia!”

“I would highly recommend seeing Natalie for healing of all sorts. (She is a Jack of all trades) I have had many readings and energy work done in the past, and she is by far the best. She is very intuitive, has great energy and leads her healing from the heart. You can feel that she is 100% present with you. She has a way of making you feel comfortable and open to healing.”

“Natalie is a gift. I have experienced her guidance and knowledge through yoga. She is very skilled at modifying poses to fit your body and always stresses to go at your own pace. Her energy is uplifting and supportive. I have yet to find a teacher that matches her in any way. And if you are lucky enough to experience her velvety singing voice in a class you are in for a real treat.”

“Natalie is an extra-ordinary facilitator supporting the body-psyche's natural drive towards wholeness. I have worked with oodles of somatic and energy healers as well as master teachers of psychology. Natalie skillfully weaves these modalities together which gifted me with levels of healing I had not received before. I am grateful for her deep hearted kindness as she fiercely enters into the dark places many fear to go.

Thank you love, Natalie! your work continues to live in me!”