In the End, I Was Only Ever Mine Anyway

In the End I was Only Ever Mine Anyway is a self-help book for healing heartbreak through the archetype of the tarot cards. It seamlessly blends together the physical and metaphysical aspects of healing from a breakup in order to empower women to become the CEO of their own lives. This book focuses on a woman’s innate worth as a queen of her own life and is designed to assist a woman in re-building her life after heartbreak. Touching upon meditative practices, psychological theories and spiritual guidance, I was only Ever Mine Anyway, hands the power back to the reader in a practical way with the use of journal prompts, humor and a different perspective on what it means to be whole. There is no right way of doing things when it comes to healing, but this book serves to remind the reader about the power of choice, the power of thought and the power that has always existed within.